The Patient

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The word patient has always bothered me.  Initially a 14th Century term meaning to ‘suffer with no complaining’ it seems true still today whereas other service industries are focused on “customers are always right” exceeding expectations is a catch phrase to become successful.  There are many other reasons that contribute to the power imbalance both real and perceived by providers of healthcare and people who use it.

Experience has taught me that listening is key. Good listening is not just with your ears.  It involves all the senses to notice everything from specific details to big picture.  It has served me well in my career be it with direct patient care, pre-empting needs, keeping safe, managing staff and understanding people’s “why’s”.

When I talk about “Health” I am referring to the whole person, not just mind – body- soul, but what is happening or happened in their life, generationally, genetically, your parents, current concerns, nutrition, trauma, triggers and stress.  I call this holistic health.  This is why I am a big proponent of Functional Medicine.

My first priority is to listen to your story, where you are at, then help clarify your needs and what you want.  This puts you in the driver’s seat, then, using my expertise, together, we will come up with a plan to get you where you need to go, with solutions that are perfect and will work for you.  Ongoing support at whatever level you need to achieve what you want is also available to keep you on track, and troubleshoot with you any other areas that get in your way. 

I'm sure I have seen some of the challenges you are currently facing ~ being witness to these challenges is one of the key drivers regarding the creation Nurse Nav.  To be able to adapt and bridge the gaps between what you need and what you get.  I'm always on the quest to improve, innovate and change the rules to get things done. 

In the past, there has been too many times I have had to leave a conversation to address more pressing issues at work, where I knew just 20 more minutes with someone either listening or to share something I know would have made the world of difference.  I know what it's like to be stuck in the maze of healthcare, not knowing which way to turn.