1:1 Health Coaching 12-week Supportive Plan

1:1 Health Coaching 12-week Supportive Plan

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Making changes to your lifestyle is hard.  Getting a coach makes all the difference.

Great coaching shifts you out of your contemplation and ignites inner motivations and desires that were hidden from your view. You will enjoy making changes and find it a lot easier to sustain them with support than trying to do it yourself. Having someone to help guide you, that stands in your corner helping you move through change makes the world of difference to initiate and sustain behavour changes for good. Finding and forming the new habits that really work for you is the key - we will create a new future and your new normal.

You will be so happy you decided to take action.  

12 Weeks will help you build sustainable changes, develop internal resources so you are armed with all you need to keep it going for good.

We take care of your whole person needs - as everything benefits you feel healthy and well.

A Comprehensive Initial assessment of your health story: (there will be many questions so save up to three hours depending on your situation)
  • Physical
  • Emotional/Mental/Spiritual
  • Professional/Life/Work/Career
  • Social life/Family/Relationship
  • Current Health Concerns and Symptoms
  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • Stress
  • Medical History
  • Health Goals
  • Life events such as triggers, contributors
  • Predisposing Factors such as genetic and environment
From this process you get to see very clearly your unique health picture, including what factors contribute to ill health/symptoms, what factors are easily modified and which ones we should tackle first. 
Together we identify areas for development of health mastery (Self Management)
We coach you to create a vision for your future that pulls you forward. Then break it down to a 3 month mark.  By setting small, realistic, weekly actions that fit into your lifestyle you move ever closer to achieving the goal.
We have weekly sessions to support, track, troubleshoot anything that has come up to keep your motivation high.

Additionally, the team at Nurse Nav will custom design and deliver education about your condition/s, their management including how medications work, managing symptoms, sick days, the impact on your physical, mental, social and spiritual health and support you to progress towards a lifestyle that promotes your health.

Sessions can be online or over the phone.

We keep in touch using multiple options that suit you: text messaging/phone calls/ emails.