Health System Navigation

Health System Navigation

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When we talk to other healthcare professionals about what we do, this is the one service they get really excited about. They often comment it is hard for them to know who is doing what and working within the same organisation - let alone being a non health professional.

Health System Navigation will make the single biggest impact on the speed of your recovery.  Knowing who is who, what they do, alternatives, short cuts, potential pitfalls & options available a massive advantage to anyone facing any healthcare journey. 

We are independent, professional, highly experienced Registered Nurses and can provide the kind of support navigating the health system that puts you in the drivers seat. Much like how the co-driver directs the driver in a rally car race - but we won't be wearing non flammable clothes and yelling gibberish in your ear.  We will know the road, have the map, knows what lies ahead, where to turn, what to watch out for, how to fix things, all the while communicating to everyone keeping them all the loop and troubleshooting in real time so you get to the finish line. 

Either in hospital or out, Nurse Nav can help guide you to get what you need to address your real health needs. Having a senior clinician personally support you through your health journey can save time and relieve the stress of being unwell. 


1 x comprehensive assessment (up to 3 hours) of your needs, values, and preferences to get clear on what you want.

This includes sourcing important health information from current healthcare providers: Doctors, pharmacists, family, carer and yourself.

WE then co-create the personalised plan of action and goals of care.  Where is the finish line? How are we going to get there. 

We identify gaps and pre-empt problems and cover any gaps to make it as smooth as possible, being the middle man between services and also suggesting other options available. We will research alternatives, outside of the box solutions or what ever direction you want to go in and support your current services to do their part well.

We also provide ongoing support with 3 more sessions to have you well on your way to seemless, smooth quality care with you in the drivers seat and in charge!

Call or text now for a free discovery call to see how Nurse Nav can provide the support you need.