Woman coordinating multiple subjects looking very confident |Nurse Nav Care Coordination | Multile providers, multiple specialties, with ease Help coordinate my care, where do I start with my diagnosis? who can help my elderly mum with all her health problems. too many health problems, Can't get a GP appointment, Need someone to support what I need with my healthcare

Care Coordination

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Are you juggling multiple conditions, specialists, allied health, medications and require some support to manage it all. 

Nurse Nav can:

Reduce the stress, energy and time of trying to manage this yourself or for someone else.

  • Reduce the stress, energy and time of trying to manage this yourself
  • Improved quality, safety, efficiency and efficacy of your care
  • Monitor the effects of treatments to support clinicians’ decision making
  • Help to do all the logistics; Arrange appointments, Follow up all actions,
  • Pre-empt problems
  • Troubleshoot
  • Links to external agencies and organisations

We put you back in the centre of your care, making sure you have all the information you need to be able to make the right decisions for you.  We help you prioritise, sort and plan what you need to do and when, based on your needs, values and preferences.

Nurse Nav will facilitate and improve the level of coordination, communication, collaboration between providers to optimise your outcomes. We will advocate on your behalf, making sure your journey is smooth and seamless.  

How it works:

We meet with you to develop a plan based on your goals or desired outcomes and include all the information, appointments, advice, tests, treatment regimens from your providers so you have one document that is clear about who does what and why. We make sure everyone understands what they are doing (including you) and coordinate and communicate this to all.

Using our clinical expertise, we collaborate with all your providers, so they are aware and facilitate their collaboration by sharing your plan. This sharing of information reduces delays, waiting times, gaps in care and ensures you get timely appropriate care. 

Because we understand your preferences and working for you, we constantly follow up and advocate on your behalf if necessary to make sure everything works.

Contact us for a tailored plan - Short, medium or long term support is available.