Why Nurse Nav was created

I love what I do and I am really good at it - Nursing. It's a privilege to be there for people at all stages and times of life, whether is be when they are suffering or vulnerable in hospital, or in some kind of pain, seeking a new diagnosis or just trying to understand one in general practice, an emergency or life altering diagnosis.

Being someone who strives to improve what both I can do, and what organisations do, I see things that need fixing and fix them. In 2020 - I realised we can't make the necessary changes fast enough to keep up with the demand, the gap between what people are needing from health services and what they were getting was too big, too many delays. It seemed no one was able to take responsibility because everyone was too busy working in their departments. Furthermore, our needs are changing, we are becoming more informed and interested in safer, alternative ways of managing our health. 

Healthcare services grown organically and is now a bohemith or a machine. Imagine an iceberg and what we can't see is how we got here; On the back of decisions made by people not directly involved with patient care living in major metropolitan cities, working on data from the last census 5 years ago, well meaning but inaccurate factors, political motives and the astounding influence drug companies have over clinical practice, research and development, funding, and education.

Our drive for "evidenced based medicine" has removed the very thing we are all trying to do: Create patient centered care that puts the person and their families first, that focuses on quality of care, giving them all the information so that they can made their own decisions weighing up what they think is worth what risk, and having their wishes respected. Instead the treating team more often make the decision for them.

We (humans) are evolving faster than the technology can keep up. Information about everything is freely available and accessible including; functional medicine, lifestyle medicine, western medicine, complimentary therapies and medicines. People are educating themselves and learning what they might have as a diagnosis, symptoms, and treating their whole body systems instead of reaching for a pill. The demand for better customer service is also rising.

I was driven to get the service part right. To create a service that collaboratively supports people to get high value, customised care that actually gives people what they need to get better long term, so they don't have to wait or suffer with symptoms, that takes the time to listen to them, help them figure out what is wrong and find solutions that actually work for that person. We are all so different. There is always something that can be done. 

I’d like to see everyone treated and cared for the way they would treat their own family member.

So, I created Nurse Nav that can support the user of the health system and involve their family/carer/friends so they get quality, safe great care. My other key driver is to support my health colleagues do a really great job. Picture of sunrise with Arabian Proverb He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything Nurse Nav | health coaching |Health system navigation| health advocacy | Customised support for your health journey putting you in the drivers seat insisting on thorough care