Why Nurse Nav was created

When I asked my then partner, now husband, to marry me, I focused on core words that authentically spoke from my purpose to be here:  Love, Courage and Fun.  This is who I am and what I want my life to be.  So that worked well, I decided to do it again when I created this company. 

I love what I do for a career.  Leaving a well-paid 9-5 job to start what I believe is so needed right now took some courage.  It’s been fun creating this company – designing websites, logos, blogs, business plans etc based on my experience, my knowledge and skills, sharing my wisdom, developing new skills, and strengthening new ones, getting help from family, friends, business professionals and sometimes complete strangers! Well ok, it has been tough and challenging, helping me grow and get clearer daily on why I am doing this.

It’s hard to put this succinctly as there are so many reasons for starting this business. 

I am passionate about innovating and improving healthcare services to make them accessible, patient centered, kind, caring, holistic, supportive, compassionate, thorough, in every way for people using them and for the people working within them. I’d like to see everyone treated and cared for the way they would treat a family member.

Being someone who notices the small detail as well as the big picture, it’s not hard to see the widening gaps and pain points within the healthcare industry for patients, both from within it and from personal experience of having family members experience delays, missed opportunities for interventions, having to wait, not have things explained, mistakes, while handing their bodies over to the system.

So, I created a company that can support the person/patient/consumer/customer/user of the health system, their family/carer/friends to receive really great care.   AND support the people within the system do a really great job.  It’s essential to be able to support both – to be the middleman, campaigning

Picture of sunrise with Arabian Proverb He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything Nurse Nav | health coaching |Health system navigation| health advocacy | Customised support for your health journey putting you in the drivers seat insisting on thorough care

I love supporting people to access what they need to live happier lives.  I believe in potential and the investment that is me: 20 years of Nursing in both at the coal face through to executive positions, all the time, energy and wisdom from others contributing to support me to be in a position where I can leap and create what I believe to help almost everyone who cares about their health.  This is reason for creating Nurse Nav.

Nurse Nav has been developed to support people throughout their health journey with the aim of providing a high value service. I know taking care of your health and looking after yourself can be hard. Being a health professional, I sometimes struggle to make the right choices for myself, to maintain optimal health.

Even if we know what to do, we don’t do it.  

Our GPs are usually responsible for coordinating your care; however, their role is not easy.   They have more and more patients to see who usually have more than one complex condition. Better treatments and higher standards of living contribute to us living longer.   The referral pathways and logistics required to go between the GP and the treating teams is convoluted, waiting times a long, additionally the IT firewalls and confidentiality legislation prevents effective communication.  This makes the aim of timely, streamlined coordinated, customised, care really hard to achieve.

 Gaps between services are widening, care is reserved for the sickest as the government spends (Total for health expenditure in Australia for 2017-18 = $185,000,000,000) more money on hospitals and less on primary health care. 

I’ve watched my colleagues work harder and harder, trying their absolute best. They want to do a good job, for you – and them.  Most work 24-hour shift work, sacrificing family time, sleep and social lives.  It breaks my heart when I hear stories of wanting to do more, but no time and less resources intervene.  I often hear.. “if only I had 5 more minutes, I know I could of made a difference”

From my observations – Hospitals are like handbags – the bigger you make them, the more you put in them.  We should be keeping people well living in the community as the first priority.