Nurse explaining to patient about his medications new diagnosis help to understand what to do now.

New Diagnosis

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Just given a new diagnosis and overwhelmed and don't know where to start? 

Nurse Nav does! 

Nurse Nav provides

  • customised, up to date thorough information
  • support your holistic needs including being open to complimentary alternative medicines and therapy's
  • support you find answers to common questions of Why me? Why this? What do I do now? What first? What questions should I be asking?
  • TLC - supporting your psycho-social needs
  • More time and attention

Understanding the health industry, Nurse Nav can also

  • Guide you to who you might need on your team
  • Help to find them
  • When you need to see them
  • What to do while waiting
  • Alternatives
  • Out of the box solutions to your personal situation.
  • Address gaps in services and support available
  • Help you master new information and symptom management while waiting.  If required, we can research what options are available. Ensuring you get good quality care. 
  • Help your team collaborate and share information
  • Help keep you from unnecessary presentations to Emergency or Admitted to hospital with clear GP guided action plans so you can manage at home

Helping you and your family navigate the who, what, how, why and “please explain again?” as often as you need.

We believe everyone is unique and therefore so you, your health journey, treatments and solutions must be customised to support you. 

Get piece of mind, prevent delays and errors, improve satisfaction and make better decisions.