Offerings: Why RH is different

To feel truly listened to in the initial 3 hour interview to get all your health history, concerns, and current treatment, goals, needs and wants.  A thorough assessment.

Customised, realistic plan of care developed with you that is in plain language, personalised, therapeutic, meaningful, increases your quality of life, and ability to contribute, improve your ability to get your usual activities of daily living done and improve your overall well-being.

Avoid unnecessary hospital visits, and stays.

distributed and discussed with all the members on your team (GP, Family, Carers, specialist's, allied health, etc) with your consent to align with you and your goals.

You are going to be number one, the main player

Advocacy/supported to make informed decisions and be in the drivers seat

Personalised, complete education regarding conditions and developing mastery, both short term and long term to alleviate and manage symptoms

Holistic - Physical, emotional, spiritual and connectedness. 

What goals you want

Motivational interviewing techniques, customised coaching

Social prescribing - helping you find meaningful activities in the community that keep you vibrant and engaged.

Trusted service

Empathy caring, relationship, friendly, trust,

System expert review and recommendations

Linking with available government funded services and other available organisations within the community

support with a new diagnosis

accountability with ongoing support to keep you on track

gaps in knowledge discovered

Health breakthroughs!

small wins along the way that ease the burden and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel

convenient; in house, cafe, video conferencing

Understanding results: blood tests, scans.  

Reducing risk of falls

Reducing the risk of multiple medications

Guidance to see alternative practitioners and experts you didn't know existed, Pain specialist, osteopaths, myofacial practitioners, naturopaths, functional medicine experts


 Help finding the right service : Nursing Home, respite, home nursing referral, respite 

Navigating the entire system 

Case management