Pain Relievers

Thorough assessment 

concentrated time wth customer one on one for as long as they want it to truely understand their needs

Education and written information on disease/conditions building on what you know

Assistance to improve health literacy 

support to be able to question to understand your health care provider

follow up support = structured tested methodology to source that motivation and support to stay on tract with realistic goals

support with a new diagnosis - set up with experts what to expect, support for journey that is personalised or just to initiate

Scaled down support ad assistant to priorities 

non judgemental

you pay for the service you are truely the centre of your care - putting customer service back into health care

Support to seek alternative options, all investigated for you 

Registered Nurse: bound by Code of Conduct, Your best interests

Support to choose what you want 

Education;pharmacy review

support to connect to social services; ACAT, navigate these

Assistance to ensure you are re-triaged if signs and symptoms are getting worse while waiting on lists for surgery or specialists + other strategies for managing while waiting.