What is Patient Centre Care?

Providing patient centred care is at the heart of all health professionals care.  This means, we try our hardest to design and provide a service that is safe, quality, respectful and considers your preferences, needs and values.  

It is important you share decisions about your health.  Having access to the correct information to fully understand what is going on helps you make sound informed decisions.  This includes understanding your condition, treatment options, information about the potential risks and benefits of treatments and alternative options.  Then we need to consider how you make decisions and give you what you need to do this according to your style. Do you need to talk about it with someone who is not in your family or in your current health team.  Such as an independent?  

This is where Nurse Nav can help.  As we are independent with your interested at heart, we are not biased, time poor and you will have our full attention.